Ball Foundations Day Camp for Ages 4-6

The objective of this program is to build a strong foundation for movement and sport related skills with emphasis on  physical growth & motor development of coordination and movement.  We also emphasise basic sport knowledge in both action performance and structured situational game play.

Enrol your child in the Ball Foundations program if they are

  • 4 years old with advanced motor skills, desire and focus, ability to listen and participate for 3 hours.
  • 5 years old
  • 6 years old with no previous ball playing experience or have insufficient hand-eye coordination to be able to catch.
We encourage players of all abilities to attend our camps. Whether your child is brand new to the sport or an experienced veteran there is a place for them at Learn & Play Ball Academy.

The Ball Foundations program is offered mornings only.

Our Schedule and Regular Prices


Skills We Teach

  • Hand - eye coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Gross motor skills (running)
  • Fine motor skills (catching, throwing, batting)
  • Sportsmanship, team play, cooperation
  • Focus & concentration
  • Confidence, self worth, mutual respect
  • Game introduction / FUNdamentals
  • Learn the rules of the game
  • Play the game

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